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Drivetek motorsport 

Are Pleased to offer a range of Ultra Hi-Performance Road & Track tyres.

Working with our tyre supplier, we have managed to acquire some popular brands at affordable prices. No matter if your new to motorsport or an old hand. We can help you get onto the right tyre for your club level motorsport events at a price to suit your budget.

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Achilles Tyres

Achilles 123-S

The Achilles 123-S is a DOT approved competition tyre designed for the performance driver who needs ultimate grip in varying road & race-track conditions.

Also suitable for high speed drift racing applications, the Achilles 123-S Semi-Slick features a solid centre rib, re-enforced tread blocks and a strengthened shoulder profile to aid stability at speed.

Available in:

15' 16" 17" 18"

From: $160.00 per tyre

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Achilles ATR-K Sport

Designed by Experts, Proven by Champions. The Achilles ATR-K Sport is a street-legal tire born in the field of track racing.

Specially designed to maximize grip and minimize energy loss during cornering, and the thread design ensures that maximum contact is made between the tires and the ground, giving you fast lap times and one huge grin on your face!

Available in:

15' 16" 17" 18"

FROM: $170.00 per tyre