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NSW Touring Car Championship

Small Car Cup

The most exciting Door to Door racing in Australia 

This series is for modern race cars built between 1986 - 2002 and aimed at close and inexpensive competition.

If you want to get into a Motorsport category that has close competition and is a lot of fun, or you don't have a big budget then this is for you.

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NSW Regularity Championship

An exciting new regularity series 

Regularity is all about tactical driving. The objective is to let you compete with limited speed restriction to suit your own driving, ability and skill level. This makes it competition motorsport rather than racing. Regularity is a great type of motorsport event for either the beginner or the most experienced competitor. Being relatively safe and affordable, it attracts enthusiasts of all ages and gender.

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NSW Tourers Trophy

This series is for 4cyl & 6 cyl race cars. 

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Drivetek Motorsport 

We are again hosting a round of the 

Classic Rally Club Championship.

Sheep Station Rally

This event will be on Sunday 16th May 2021 and will be open to the 4 Major classes in CRC rallying.

The Sheep Station event is well known for innovation, exciting routes, challenges and as always it will be an exciting day.

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